Ugly Holiday Sweater Edition

Business email compromises have always been one of the most serious threats in the world. Most hackers still use phishing as one of the primary methods to gain access to an IT infrastructure. If you wish to prepare your organization against these threats, we got the right session for you.

Join Miles as he dives into the facts, the stories and looks at some practical ways to protect yourself, your business and your clients. He will do a deep dive on all things ‘phishing’ related and give you practical tools as well as real-life examples of what cyber attackers are currently doing to businesses of all sizes.

Wait, there’s more! Join Corey O’Donnell, VP of Marketing, Kaseya, for a candid and somewhat comedic dialogue about how to effectively communicate value to customers. This is a fun, light-hearted session, but nonetheless powerful as a reminder of how we can leverage basic aspects of human nature to win more business.

Also, attendees who engage throughout the event will receive prize giveaways. We are giving away 5 backpacks full of Kaseya Swag.

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