Speaker Sessions

Reducing Churn with Modern Communications

Tuesday, Sep 29: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

No one wants to lose revenue at any time, but especially during a global crisis.  MSP’s & IT Service Providers have traditionally deprioritized VoIP & UCaaS.  Now most IT Providers know that if you aren’t offering communications solutions to your customers, the competition will, and this leaves your customers at risk of CHURN. 

Modern MSP’s are supporting the modern workforce, allowing their employees to work from anywhere.  You need a modern communications solution to Connect the Modern Workforce. 

In this session you’ll learn:

– What the future of modern communication looks like

– How to deliver communication solutions that work anywhere, anytime, from any device

– How to reduce customer CHURN risk with investing minimal labor

– How you can add MRR, without having to support a phone system

– Why a partnership with Cytracom is different from any other VoIP/Unified Communications provider